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This page is about Cats and links to cat web sites.


What does your cat do when you’re not around? Time-shifting cats avoid confrontation, steal each other's food.

Must Cats Die So Birds Can Live?

Secret life of the cat: What do our feline companions get up to?

feral cats

A catfight over neutering program. Bird lovers take issue with a city-subsidized nonprofit in Sun Valley that traps, sterilizes and then releases feral cats, saying it violates state environmental laws and doesn't reduce the population.,0,1225635.story

Friends of Cats

2009 marks Friends of Cats' 80th anniversary. From its initial founding as the Animal Rescue League, through its many years as the Maude Erwin Foundation in several locations around San Diego County, and as a non-profit organization under its current name since 1968, Friends of Cats' no-kill philosophy has given thousands of cats the opportunity to receive the care and shelter they need and find the loving homes they deserve.