Santa Fe 3751

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Welcome to the official website of the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society (SBRHS). The SBRHS is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization founded in 1981 and dedicated to the preservation of Santa Fe Railroad operating and mechanical documentation and the maintenance and operation of former Santa Fe steam locomotive 3751.

2011 Excursion

On April 16th and 17th a steam powered excursion train will be operated to San Bernardino RR Days, sponsored by the San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum. The steam special will be operated from Los Angeles to San Bernardino on Saturday April 16th, departing 1000am, over the Metrolink San Gabriel Subdivision. The train will return Sunday April 17th, departing 300pm, from San Bernardino. The train will consist of five private passenger cars: CN Business car "Tioga Pass," built in 1959. SP club lounge No. 2981 "Overland Trail," built in 1949, UP 5430, chair car "Amber Trail," built in 1950, CB&Q 4735 dome-diner-lounge "Silver Splendor," built in 1956. CP baggage car 4210, "Pony Express," built in 1941, now rebuilt into a club lounge car. A diesel will provide H.E.P., behind former Santa Fe Steam Locomotive 3751. More private cars may be added. Ticket prices are: First class $115 for Business Car "Tioga Pass," and in the dome section of dome-diner-lounge "Silver Splendor, and for lounge-baggage car “Pony Express.” $95 regular for "Overland Trail," "Amber Trail," and lower level, lounge section of "Silver Splendor."

The San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum, the San Bernardino Historical & Pioneer Society, the BNSF, and the City of San Bernardino will host San Bernardino RR Days April 16th and 17th at the historic Santa Fe San Bernardino Depot, at 1170 W. Third Street. Railroad displays will include new BNSF locomotives, passenger cars, and Santa Fe Steam Locomotive No. 3751. There will also be historic fire apparatus and vehicles. There will be model railroads, the Orange Empire Railway Museum's Harvey Girls, and BNSF Operation Lifesaver.