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you couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.


Goldsmith alerted his staff in late February that his lawyers, especially women, were not to visit the mayor's office without a "witness." City officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that directive came after incidents involving Filner and lawyers from the city attorney's office. In one, officials said Filner crumpled up a legal opinion and threw it at Chief Deputy City Attorney Leslie Fitzgerald. The incident prompted Goldsmith to send a memo to his staff on unprofessional conduct in the workplace. "I consider our office personnel to be professionals who are entitled to be treated with respect," Goldsmith wrote. He urged his staff to report unprofessional treatment. And then he added this, "Abuse may come in the form of yelling, degrading or even throwing things, none of which will be tolerated."

Turning up the pressure on Mayor Bob Filner to resign, three former supporters Monday released details of his alleged sexual harassment of women, including the forcible kissing of two constituents and grabbing the buttocks and breast of a staff member. In a City Hall elevator, Filner told a female staffer that women employees would do better "if they worked without their panties on," attorney Marco Gonzalez said at a news conference outside City Hall.,0,3575515.story

Mayor's fiancee breaks off engagement. Email from Bronwyn Ingram says she's ended the relationship.

Bronwyn Ingram, formerly attached at the hip to Mayor of San Diego Bob Filner, has reportedly cut ties with the fiery tempered, former 10-term congressman. According to ABC 10 News, Ingram, whom Filner had taken to introducing as the “First Lady of San Diego,” broke off their nearly 18th month engagement due to a souring of their situation.

Council Poised to Derail DeMaio's Appointment