Mayors Behaving Badly

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Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford

According to the Ontario government's "sunshine list", Rob Ford earns about $170,000 to serve as mayor of Toronto. According to his staffers, he often shows up for work at 11 and leaves at 3. That's the man who came into office promising to "end the gravy train," folks.

Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry

crack smoking

Detroit’s Kwame Kilpatrick

for serial corruption, racketeering and extortion that helped propel his city toward bankruptcy

Coleman Young, Detroit

one of the worst mayors in this country's history, led the way between 1974 and 1994. He raised taxes on businesses, prompting them to move elsewhere.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner

sexual misconduct

San Diego Mayor Roger Allan Hedgecock

several felonies related to receiving over $350,000 in illegal campaign funds, he pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor conspiracy in return for no jail time or retrial.

El Cajon Mayor Mark Lewis

accusations that he made prejudicial comments about the East County city's large Chaldean community.

The El Cajon City Council is scheduled to consider Tuesday how to fill its vacant mayor's position. Longtime Mayor Mark Lewis resigned last month following published statements that were considered offensive by the East County city's substantial Chaldean population. Lewis, the mayor since 1998, cited health reasons in stepping down Oct. 24. Lewis had a minor stroke in 2010 and has suffered from cancer and a dislocated shoulder. Councilman Bill Wells has been serving as interim mayor since then.

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