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Jason Von Straussenburg passed away Thursday, January 29, 2009 from an illness that was discovered after he was extradited to Michigan prison system.

This Baffling Airplane RV Was Built By An Escaped Convict

it’s called Andromeda and it has quite the origin story. According to the Santa Barbara Independent, the Andromeda was built in the 1980s in Isla Vista, California, by friends Tony Tosta and Jason Von Straussenburg. The Andromeda name comes from the Ethiopian princess of Greek mythology, which is fitting for a project like this. The Independent article also mentions that Straussenburg had a secret. The name Straussenburg was merely one of four pseudonyms and his real name is Roger Lee Crona. https://jalopnik.com/this-baffling-fugitive-built-rv-has-the-body-of-an-airp-1846682526

Michigan’s Most Wanted?

This article is being sent to my friends, as I am very limited in jail. I feel I need to speak out about our system of justice and common sense. Also to question the motivation behind the destruction of my life, the coverage of this event and how it affects all in America. My name is Jason Von Straussenburg, the escaped criminal from Michigan you may have read about. A little history : In my late teens and early twenties, I did stupid things, as most males do at this age. The law became involved. At 21 I was sentenced to prison for painting my license plate. Unable to afford new plates, this seemed like a clever idea. How bad could it be? Very bad and I could see myself becoming stuck in the system. In and out and in and out. Just out of college, this could not become my life. I had to start over, leaving it all behind, all my past. I walked away from a camp one night determined never to return.

I am now 63 years old. Over the past 40 years I have been straight and employed, the last 15 at beautiful U.C.S.B. in Bio Sciences. I have raised a family, built a home, and been married to a woman I love like life itself. I have accumulated a circle of long term, dear, loving and intelligent friends, they are priceless. I have corrected myself and “paid my dues”. I wish all of us could be so blessed. The world would be a much better place.

Now the thousand dollar question: Why am I being treated like I just decapitated Snap, Crackle, and Pop, shot Tony and made a rug out of him, BBQed Toucan Sam with rabbit on the side, crushed the Leprechaun with his pot of gold and sunk the Cap’n’s ship with him on board? Look out Fred and Barney, you’re next. That’s right, a serial killer, or the like. For the protection of society? Or for a point on someone’s resume, or for political posturing? Would not the time be better spent filling my bed space with truly bad people who stabbed, raped, molested, or even killed anther human being?

I am not saying that my escape was right, but that was then and that’s a lot of water under the bridge. Forty years changes people. Are we now judged as black or white only? Most of us fall somewhere in between, in those innumerable shades of grey. We should be judged that way, as individuals. Based upon who we are and what we have done with our lives. Not as numbers in a machine, that is not how justice was meant to be served. Where is the heart and soul of America going? This should be a wake up call to all concerned about our future, especially our children’s futures in a land of, by, and for the people. If you are concerned about this, please write or otherwise contact the Governor and the Department of Corrections in Michigan and speak your opinions. Send this article to Michigan News and media outlets, and any other outlets you may know. And to your active friends and relatives. Any and all help will be deeply appreciated. My wife may be contacted at tesla999@cox.net .


Jason Von Straussenburg
4436 Calle Real
Santa Barbara, CA

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909
PHONE: (517) 373-3400
PHONE: (517) 335-7858 - Constituent Services
FAX:(517) 335-6863

Michigan Department of Corrections
206 E. Michigan Ave.
Grandview Plaza
PO Box 30003
Lansing, MI 48909
(517) 335-1426


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"Jason Vonstraussenburg worked at UC Santa Barbara for 14 years, a skilled technician who could whip together repairs on complicated pieces of lab equipment when scientists needed them in a hurry. At 61, he was a genial colleague, a homeowner, an avid metal sculptor, a father, a husband and a registered Republican. He was everything, police said, except Jason Vonstraussenburg." http://www.santabarbara.net/forums/index.php?s=dab9a951c8315fca1b47051a19d045b8&showtopic=9293&pid=10013&st=0&#entry10013

In 1971, he was on parole after a conviction for receiving stolen property when he was found driving a car with someone else’s registration and a license plate that had been altered with a phony number painted on it. His previous offenses included breaking and entering, reckless driving and larceny, said Russ Marlan, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of Corrections. http://articles.latimes.com/2008/mar/05/local/me-fugitive5

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