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Cereus hildmannianus


Recommended Temperature Zone: sunset: 12-13,16,17,21-24; USDA: 9-11

Frost Tolerance: Hardy to 15°F (-10°C)

Minimum Avg. Temperature: 45°F (7°C)

Sun Exposure: Full sun

Origin: Southeastern Brazil, northern Argentina

Growth Habits: Columnar cactus branching from the base, up to 30 feet tall (9 m), clump up to 15 feet in diameter (4.5 m), stems are 5-7 inches in diameter (12-17 cm), often no spines on younger stems, spines grow progressively as the stem ages.

Watering Needs: Does best with moderate water and monthly application of fertilizer in summer

Propagation: One of the easiest cactus to propagate by cuttings

This species is popular in cultivation and often encountered in southern Californian gardens, as well as in Phoenix. The stems have 5 to 8 narrow ribs with areoles 1-inch apart. Depending on the variety, the areoles are either almost spineless (C. hildmannianus) or with 7 radial spines and a central spine, measuring around 0.4 inch long (1 cm).



Blooming Habits: The 6-inch (15 cm), white, flowers open at night. They are followed by large, red, egg shaped fruits that split open when ripe.


Fruiting Habits:


large, red, egg shaped fruits that split open when ripe.

smooth, crisp. lemony.

Propagation: Seeds, cuttings