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The tragedy of Arnold Schwarzenegger's governorship

The state's dysfunction isn't all his fault, but it got worse during his time in office because of his failure to come to grips with the real issues of state government.,0,49224.column


GOP expected to balk at good-news tax bill. Republicans probably won't support legislation that would increase jobs in California and ease taxpayers' burdens. An out-of-state company, for example, still could use the old formula that taxed payroll and property and benefit big time if it had little payroll or property in California. Similarly, a California company could use the old formula and be rewarded for expanding out of state, rather than locally. "We're subsidizing job creation outside of California and putting California businesses at a competitive disadvantage," De Leon complains. "It's mind-boggling beyond belief. This is insane. It's crazy. "It should be California first, California jobs first, California taxpayers first.",0,4366703.column