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San Joaquin, Contra Costa, Alameda, and Santa Clara Counties, Key Cities: Lodi, Stockton, Tracy


November Election Results

  • Jerry McNerney (Dem) 87,346 53.1 %
  • Richard W. Pombo (Rep) 77,260 46.9 %

Jerry McNerney (D) - Businessman

Cash on Hand $71,252 Total Raised $234,637

Opponent: Richard Pombo (R) - Congressman

Cash on Hand $800,456 Total Raised $1,694,937

In 2004, Richard Pombo easily defeated little-known Democratic challenger Jerry McNerney. Pombo, Chairman of the House Resources Committee, is one of the Congress' most powerful members, and his race is one of the most watched Congressional races in the country. Reportedly connected to the Jack Abramoff scandal, he is also under a cloud of suspicion for his involvement in intimidating FDIC agents who were investigating a millionaire friend of the Congressman. He has also supposedly used government funds to pay for a family vacation, and he has led Congress in trying to destroy the Endangered Species Act, all the while accepting large sums from the industries that would benefit. For these reasons and more, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington listed Pombo in their report, "Beyond Delay: The 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress." In the 2006 primary, one-third of Republican voters chose a moderate challenger, former maverick Republican Congressional presidential candidate Pete McCloskey, who emphasized environmental protection and ethics. Pombo, a bumbling rancher, never has had to run a strong re-election campaign, but his coffers are flush with campaign cash. He faces clean energy and military technology expert Jerry McNerney. While McNerney doesn't have anything close to the financial reserves of his opponent, he has growing grassroots support and is one of the Top 10 candidates backed by presidential hopeful Mark Warner's Forward Together PAC. If the Democratic attack on the Republican "culture of corruption" will lead to the defeat of any California Congressperson, this is it.


McNerney's biggest donor sectors (Courtesy of
Organized Labor $17,500
Single-Issue Groups $500

Pombo's biggest donor sectors (Courtesy of
Energy, Natural Resources $182,134
Agriculture $158,108
Single-Issue Groups $100,683
Real Estate/Construction $60,000
Law $49,356

Voter Registration, May 22, 2006: Democrats 113,032, Republicans 153,972,
Decline to State 54,402, Total Registered Voters 340,423

Voter Registration, January 3, 2006: Democrats 129,982, Republicans 154,082,
Decline to State 53,296, Total Registered Voters 350,056

Voter Registration, October 2004: Democrats 133,878, Republicans 162,911,
Decline to State 52,301, Total Registered Voters 362,299

2006 Democratic Primary Results: Jerry McNerney 53.2%, Stephen Filson 28.2%, Stevan Thomas 18.6%
2006 Republican Primary Results: Richard Pombo 61.7%, Pete McCloskey, Jr. 32.6%, Tom Benigno 5.7%
2004 Results: Richard Pombo (R) 61.3%, Jerry McNerney (D) 38.7%
2002 Results: Richard Pombo (R) 60.3%, Elaine Shaw (D) 39.7%