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The Gyro’s History Unfolds.

Eat Well Guide

The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating


Chart of high-fiber foods

Meatless Monday: The Protein Principle (RECIPES, PHOTOS)

The Super Green List: Connecting Human and Ocean Health.

Monterey Bay Aquarium report: Demand for seafood leading to oceans' decline.

Green Herring? Picking out sustainable seafood.

The Healthiest Foods On Earth.

VendrTV is a new podcast covering the best of the best curbside cuisine the the world has to offer. Hosted by Daniel Delaney, the show consists of 7-10 minutes episodes each individually highlighting a vendor, their food, and locale.

Meals On Wheels: Ten Great Mobile Eateries. We love vehicles. We love to eat. Whether pushcart or Airstream, Mexican or Korean cuisine, we love the combination of wheels and meals. Here are ten diverse vehicles serving up hot meals.




Car-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies, step by step.

Black Bean Soup With Spinach.


2 quarts of water
2 cups milk powder
stir, heat in insta pot to 180° for 20minutes, cool for 10minutes, remove and cool to 110°
remove skin over milk
stir in 4 spoons of starter
return to Instant, yogurt, 112° for 12 hours
transfer to quart containers, refrigerate


coronavirus shopping

“There was a run on chicken. Apparently, Californians are in love with chicken.” bags could be a source of cross-contamination. So, now we’re asking people to leave them in the car. via @slate

Holiday and Fruitcake